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Past Events: Verity Forum 2017

  • Hinson Church 1137 Southeast 20th Avenue Portland, OR, 97214 United States (map)

We loved our gathering together on May 6, 2017. It was a day full of workshops that we thoughtfully designed to encourage and further equip women to minister Scripture well. 


We offered four workshop tracks this year. 

Track 1: Growing in Bible Interpretation

Though the Bible covers thousands of years, three languages, and dozens of authors, it truly is one grand story. God is telling the story of history from the beginning to end (before we even get there), and it all centers on Jesus. When we read the Bible, we’re missing the big picture until we know how to communicate this narrative. And in it, we find our own place in redemptive history.- Taught by Taylor Turkington [download handout]

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Maybe you’ve been teaching Bible studies for years and want to refine your skills or maybe you’ve just started to dig into God’s word. All of us can grow in our ability to understand God’s word in its context and to apply it to our lives and the lives of others. This hands-on workshop will give you tools to grow in your ability to understand the Bible and to write effective questions to help others understand it as well.- Taught by Adrienne Lawrence [download handout]

You’ve heard it at Verity before: The Bible is the story about Jesus. This Christ-centered understanding is how we interpret the whole Bible. But what does that look like at the individual book level? How do you actually do this? This workshop will show you how to practically apply Christocentricity to a book of the Bible and then equip you to do it in your own study or teaching preparation. This is a key piece of Bible interpretation that you won’t want to miss! -Taught by Whitney Woollard [download handout 1] [download handout 2]


Track 2: The Practicals of Jesus-Centered Ministry


When we desire to help someone grow in their faith, the best thing we can offer them is insight into how to read the Bible for themselves. Yet, if in a split second we've thought through the sentence structure or the historic context without realizing what we've done, we’ve moved too quickly to teach well. Come to learn how to intentionally read the Bible with a friend. If you can read the Bible, you can read it with someone else.- Taught by Taylor Turkington [download handout]

When we teach children we instinctively teach them to be good, thinking that good morals will keep them from harm. Yet moralism doesn’t lead children to walk with Christ. We need to learn how to help children of all ages see Jesus and the good news of his gospel in every Bible story, because the gospel alone can lead them to the eternal safety of salvation. This workshop will show you how to do this and will give you practical options for implementing it in your ministry.- Taught by Adrienne Lawrence [download handout]


Track 3: Where Scripture Meets My Suffering

Why is suffering—something we seek to avoid at every turn—a necessary ingredient for a life of faith? This workshop will explore the ways in which God uses all kinds of suffering to deepen our understanding of identity and hope, and to strengthen our gospel witness and proclamation.- Taught by Cas Monaco

In this workshop, we will review Biblical truths and identify common lies we believe when God allows us to suffer. This isn't a theoretical topic, as the lessons learned have come out of my personal experience of fiery suffering. This workshop is for anyone who is in the midst of suffering or wanting to bring hope to those who are suffering. Either way, we need to be reminded what is true.- Taught by Kelli Templeton [download handout]

Track 4: Ministry Creativity, the Arts, and Scripture

How does theology enrich creativity, and creativity enrich theology? In what ways does creativity affect worship, evangelism, and service to the church? Because we are all created in the image of God, we have the ability communicate the truth and beauty of the gospel and invoke worship in creative ways. In this workshop we will explore the ways in which the creative gifts we have been given can be used to communicate the gospel and enrich our ministry to others.- Taught by Katy Shaw [download handout]

Music can communicate truth in a unique way. It has the power to inspire, convict, encourage, and exhort. It's used all throughout the Bible to edify God’s people. But not all music is created equal. Much of what we see today is human-centered or lacking in rich content. So how can musicians, worship leaders, singers, and creatives use music in their ministries to glorify Christ and teach his Word? This workshop will give you a foundational theology of music and then address practical ways you can implement Christocentric music in your ministries. -Taught by Whitney Woollard (and guest worship leader Neal Woollard) 


Did you miss the book table at Verity Forum? Or did you wait until lunch and find your favorites sold out? Find the books we sold on the blog post that Cynthia wrote for us and purchase them online.


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