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Past Events: Verity Conference 2017


We gathered on Oct. 13-14, 2017 for two days of worship, Bible teaching, and workshops. All audio is posted below!

You had the opportunity to attend one elective workshop in addition to the weekend’s three all-group exposition sessions where we heard the Bible with us in mind. Although we loved the teaching, coming to a Verity Conference isn’t just about what you will know at the end. It’s also about what you received.


How do you get your daily needs met for life and ministry?
How do you hang onto hope in your present difficulty while you wait for God to act?

The Apostle John has one answer for these seemingly impossible questions: Jesus is our great provision—our Bread of Life, our Good Shepherd, and our Resurrection and Life—that one who supplies our daily needs and breathes beauty into our daily lives. He is your and my Great Provision. This was not old, outdated, or inapplicable news, but what we heard and received together.

The Plenary Sessions

Susan Jahns, our plenary speaker, has been teaching God’s Word to women for the past 15 years, and she counts it her great joy and privilege. Currently she teaches at the women’s Bible study in her local church and in expository workshops for women through the Simeon Trust. In previous years, she’s also been a teacher with Bible Study Fellowship.

Susan graduated from Wheaton College with a BA in Christian Education. She and her husband, Randy, still reside in Wheaton, Illinois, and are longtime members of College Church. The Jahns have two married children and five grandchildren.


Workshop Descriptions


You may have been praying for three weeks or three decades. But no matter how long we have been disciples of Jesus, we can all grow in our prayer lives. In this workshop, we will be looking at Paul’s prayers in the Epistles. By examining Paul's theology and priorities in prayer, you will discover principles that can be applied to your own prayer life. As a result, you will be better equipped to pray effectively for your church. The Lord will hear and answer those prayers, accomplishing even more than you can imagine. Cynthia Mathai taught this level 2 workshop. Download the handout here.

Adrienne Lawrence headshot BW.jpeg

Most women have a relationship with children, whether as a mom, an aunt, a grandma, or a teacher. And just like you, the kids you know need the gospel, both for salvation, as well as to live every day of their lives. This workshop is designed to help you communicate it to them. We will think together about questions such as: What are the essentials of the gospel? How can I teach the gospel in an age appropriate way? How do I use Scripture to teach the gospel? When and how should I communicate the hope and judgment of the gospel? What resources can help me in my task? You will leave better equipped to teach the gospel to the children you love.

Adrienne Lawrence taught this level one workshop. You can download the handout here.


John wrote the account of Jesus’ life because of what he believed about Jesus. He believed Jesus was the Word, the Lamb of God, the Light. But he didn't pull these truths out of thin air. John believed these things about Jesus because of what he had read in his Scriptures—the Old Testament. For us to truly grasp every chapter in the book of John, we need to see them in the context of the Old Testament, too. Let’s look at some familiar statements from John and see the depth that the view from the Old Testament brings.

Taylor Turkington taught this level 3 workshop. You can download the handout here.

Wendy edited.jpg

80% of the world’s population operates under an Honor and Shame context, yet we, Americans, often read the Bible through our own lenses of guilt and innocence. What is Honor and Shame? And how is that different than the Guilt and Innocence framework that we know and understand? And why does it matter? What implications are there for how we understand and teach scripture?

Come explore how when we are able to see the Gospel through different cultural contexts, we are able to see and understand the Gospel more fully -  that Jesus doesn't merely forgive us of our sins, but He meets us in our shame and He restores our honor. Wendy Chen taught this level 1 workshop.

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