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Verity Forum 2018


Every year we gather for a day of training at Verity Forum. It is a day held together by multiple tracks of workshops, giving you choices of what to attend and how you and your friends can spread out to glean as much as you can.

We cannot wait to see you February 3, 2018 at Hinson Church in Portland, Oregon for Verity Forum 2018.

This year we will gather together for one plenary session and then spread out into the following four tracks:

Bible Interpretation 101

If you know the Verity Fellowship, you're not surprised by this one. We want to provide training in how to study your Bible every time we gather. This track will give instruction on how the Bible fits together in redemptive history, Bible study methods, and a hands on workshop working through a book of the Bible together.

Bible Interpretation 301

You can read about how Verity's workshops are targeted at different levels of Bible knowledge. This is a level 3 track, where the workshops will be at seminary level on topics like studying prophetic literature, the depths of Galatians, and more. Hungry to dive in to the Scriptures together? This one is for you.

Dignity and Unity

Justice. Race. Refugees. As Christians, we must proclaim dignity and value for all. We also strive for humility and unity. This track will strive to begin conversations on the justice we see in the Scriptures, the need for racial reconciliation in the Church, and how we respond to the refugees around us.

Speaking of Jesus

We believe that everyone needs to hear the good news of Jesus Christ, but how do we speak about this? How do we tell friends, neighbors, and family? Where do we start and how do we do this in a loving, clear, and helpful way? That's where this track is going, and we pray many conversations will be born out of it.

More information regarding the schedule, speakers, workshop descriptions coming soon.

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