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Past Events: Verity Forum 2018


Every year we gather for a day of equipping at Verity Forum. It is a day held together by multiple tracks of workshops, giving you choices of what to attend and the ability to glean as much as you can from different topics. Verity Forum is taught by a several women who have studied (many of whom at Western Seminary) and lived out ministry for several years. They come together to create a forum of equipping and discussion to serve the women of the Northwest.

This year we gathered together for one plenary session and then spread out into the following four tracks. First, here is the opening plenary exposition from our day, followed by our tracks.

Morning Exposition

Unity and Dignity Track

Justice. Race. Refugees. As Christians, we must proclaim dignity and value for all. We also strive for humility and unity. This track will strive to begin conversations on the justice we see in the Scriptures, the need for racial reconciliation in the Church, and how we respond to the refugees around us.

Loving Your Muslim Neighbor: Living and Sharing the Gospel Cross-Culturally without Leaving Home, Lily Rees

What does it mean to know God and to make him known? Are your definitions of righteousness and faith biblically grounded and big enough to deal with the social issues confronting our world today? In this workshop, we will look at God’s heart for the world, discuss what our part should be, and look at local opportunities to get involved with refugee women.

This workshop will not be put online. We apologize for any disappointment this causes.

Learn more about Cynthia Mathai -- Download Handout

The gospel is the story of reconciliation between God and people, and it is also the good news which reconciles people to one other. Because of this, the Church should explore and engage in racial reconciliation. In this workshop, we will be exploring a few questions: What does the Bible have to say about racial reconciliation? How can believers work towards racial reconciliation in the Church? What are some hurdles to be cognizant of in our pursuit of unity in diversity? You will leave this workshop better equipped to engage in racial reconciliation through a gospel-centered lens.


Bible Interpretation 101

If you know the Verity Fellowship, you're not surprised by this one. We want to provide training in how to study your Bible every time we gather. This track will give instruction on how the Bible fits together in redemptive history, Bible study methods, and a hands on workshop working through a book of the Bible together.

Learn more about Mary Liebert-- Download Handout

When we read our Bibles disconnected from the overarching story that runs through Scripture, we miss out on the depth of what God is doing. He has been working from Creation and continues all the way to the New Creation. He is the God who saves. Come learn about the grand story of the Bible and how we read every passage in light of God’s big picture plan.

Learn more about Adrienne Lawrence-- Download Handout

Maybe you’ve been studying the Bible for years and want to refine your skills or maybe you’ve just started to read God’s Word. This hands-on workshop will give you the tools you need to study any passage of the Bible. In this workshop, you will grow in your ability to understand a Bible passage in its context and to apply it to your life and the lives of others. 

Hands-On Bible Study, Katy Shaw

Let's take the skills you've learned about studying the Bible and put them into action! Step-by-step we will be working together to interpret passages of Scripture, make applications, and see how it points to Jesus. We will work on passages from the Old and New Testaments.

This workshop will not be put online. We apologize for any disappointment this causes.


Bible Interpretation 301

You can read about how Verity's workshops are targeted at different levels of Bible knowledge. This is a level 3 track, where the workshops will be at seminary level on topics like studying prophetic literature, the depths of Galatians, and more. Hungry to dive in to the Scriptures together? This one is for you.

Learn more about Taylor Turkington-- Download Handout

We’ve read the prophetic books before, being warned regarding sin and judgment and encouraged by hope and God’s mercy. They are a treasure for us! At the same time, we often miss the historical context for some of these books, forgetting the foreign unrest, the corrupt leadership, and the changes in power that move between one book to the other. To add to our confusion, they are not in chronological order. Let’s talk about a framework for reading a few of these invaluable texts.

Learn more about Adrienne Lawrence-- Download Handout -- Image 1 of Drawings -- Image 2 of Drawings

The Gospel of Mark may seem simple upon a first reading, but there is a rich tapestry underneath this straightforward account of Jesus’ life. In this workshop, we will explore the themes and structure of Mark’s gospel, as well as his use of the Old Testament. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the book as a whole as well as a fresh perspective on how to fit each passage into both its immediate context and the overall structure of the book. You should leave this workshop better prepared to teach the book of Mark or study it on your own.


Speaking of Jesus

We believe that everyone needs to hear the good news of Jesus Christ, but how do we speak about this? How do we tell friends, neighbors, and family? Where do we start and how do we do this in a loving, clear, and helpful way? That's where this track is going, and we pray many conversations will be born out of it. 

Learn more about Shana Powell-- Image of Whiteboard

The Bible calls Christians to share the gospel with the world. It can be so challenging! The first step to bridging the gap between people is to determine just where the other person is starting. Come explore how to connect with others and draw out deeper conversation that can open windows to the soul for the gospel message. By focusing on the spiritual story of another and identify their starting place for the gospel, we can more effectively connect the deep truths of Christ.

Learn more about Shana Powell-- Image of Whiteboard

Just what is the gospel? The good news is something we go back to for our whole lives, reveling in its benefits for us. But let’s talk about the core message—what does someone need to know to be saved? Let’s dig into Scripture together and think deeply on what is the gospel.

Learn more about Malisa Ellis-- Download Handout

Reflecting on the full message of just what is the gospel will leave us wondering how e could share it with the people around us. How do we talk about these things? What are the principles for those important conversations? This will be a deeply practical and principled discussion of sharing the gospel with those who don't know Him.


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