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Past Events: Exposition Training Weekend Spring 2017

ETW is for You

You want to teach the Bible, and you want to do it well. You know that the scriptural passage provides the message, and it’s your job to proclaim it with joy and clarity. You’ve worked hard to learn to interpret the Bible correctly, and now it’s time to focus on how to write and speak that message. Being able to communicate God’s meaning from the text in a cohesive message is exposition. If this is where you want to grow, then this 2.5 day training is for you.

Why Come?

If you’re a woman who teaches the Bible, you know it’s multifaceted. It’s a joy and a privilege! It’s hard work. And it’s (rightly) terrifying as you recognize the weight of the truth that you are called to communicate.

We all need encouragement, refreshers, help growing, and feedback. In order to do exposition, you need training. You also need honest input. While the women you teach often given you encouragement, it can be hard to get them to give you detailed input, especially if it’s a critique. They love you!  While that’s kind, it doesn’t help you grow. You want to know if you’re rightly handling the text, or if your illustration is confusing, or if your hand motions are awkward. It’s even beneficial to know if you missed the main point of the text. The truth is that we all make these mistakes, but we can overcome them through training and kind, but honest, feedback.  

So you will spend your time:

  • Getting training on exposition. This will include finding the main point of the passage and learning the components of an expository message, considering illustrations, introductions, and application
  • Talking about how to put together an expository message
  • Breaking into small groups to speak your prepared message to other women who will give you both kind and honest feedback
  • Praying together for this work

This training weekend time will be:

intense, but encouraging.

challenging, but affirming.

hard work, but with great pay off.

We gather to be for each other, not to tear each other down, so don’t be nervous. No matter if we are novice or seasoned, we all make mistakes and we all need to grow. You have something to learn and something to give to others.

You can expect feedback. Feedback from women who care about your skills and will push you to grow. We all need it.


The Exposition Training is designed for women who are currently in a teaching ministry, for large groups or small groups, and for women who are developing ministries at their churches.

We require all women who attend the Exposition Training Weekend to have attended the Simeon Trust Workshop on Biblical Exposition for women. We will base our expositional messages on the work you do at the Simeon Trust Workshop. If you have attended a Simeon Trust Workshop in the past or have (or will) do one of their online options, send us an email and we can talk through those options.

Here’s the distinction between our two training weekends: The Simeon Trust Workshop will help you study the passage well. You will see the structure and the main idea. You will learn how to see this text in relation to the gospel through their instruction. Your personal study and homiletical outlines will receive feedback in small groups. This is the perfect preparation for our training where we will focus on completing and delivering an expository message. We will discuss the components of exposition and discuss out to take your outline to a full message with feedback for veterans and beginners alike.

This year there is a Simeon Trust Workshop April 27-29, just a few weeks before our Exposition Training. We will teach through Mark, just as Simeon Trust will focus on the book of Mark as well.

You’ll also be required to prepare an expository message ahead of time from the work you do for Simeon Trust. Don’t worry! We know you may not know how to do this. You will be given a worksheet to help you before you come, and you will receive lots of instruction during the weekend to help you grow. The point of this requirement is simply to have a base from which to build.


We will keep this training a small group for the purpose of learning well together. Registration will be capped at 20 women this year. The cost is $90 and will include dinner on Thursday and lunch on Friday.

The Simeon Trust Workshop and Exposition Training Weekend will sell out quickly. Please email us if you’d like to register.

Have questions? Interested in coming but are unsure? Contact Taylor or Katie.

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