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The Verity Fellowship is a group of women who want to center ministry on Jesus. We greatly value the women who have gathered together in our community, and we would like nothing better than to help empower them to use their gifts for the Kingdom of God. For many of us, our work involves informal daily tasks of sacrificial love and service; for others, it may take a form of an official role in a ministry or church. We will post some of those more formal opportunities here in case the Lord is calling you to one of them.

Simultaneously, we must state that we cannot vet all positions sent to us. We ask you to do your own research into the churches and ministries who may send us their position openings. Check out their theology. Ask good questions. Ponder their methodology. Pray. Please, sisters, look for places where God and his grace are adored, and that same grace is shown to many.

Paid Positions

Kids Director - 26 West Church, full-time

Our Kids Director works in harmony with the Pastor of Young People to lead, recruit, train, and implement the vision, values, and culture of 26 West Church (ultimately Jesus) with great creativity. This includes leading the ministry of creating spaces and gatherings for the transformation of children to know and experience the heart of God for them and the world around them while caring for parents and leaders through management, teaching, equipping, encouraging, and organizing.

Kids Director Job Description

Volunteer Positions

Stay tuned, postings will be here shortly.