Verity Fellowship Staff

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Taylor Turkington

Taylor Turkington, co-director and co-founder of The Verity Fellowship, has served in formal teaching and discipleship positions for the past 10 years, in both local and international contexts. Taylor and her husband Matt live in SW Portland, where she enjoys gardening in her back yard. Fun fact about Taylor: she knows more about tea (and drinks tea) than most people you know. She also loves kale, something which confounds friends. Taylor has a Masters in Biblical and Theological Studies from Western Seminary, where she presently labors to complete her Doctorate of Ministry. When she finds rare pockets of spare time, Taylor spends her minutes writing, speaking at various engagements/conferences, and escaping to a back room in her house to read a theology book with her cat Charlie in tow. You can find Taylor on Twitter and Instagram as @tayturkington. You can contact her at

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Cynthia Mathai

Cynthia Mathai, Resources Strategist and Coordinator at Verity Fellowship has been a disciple of Jesus for 16 years and is a member of Trinity Church of Portland. She has a M.A. in Ministry and Leadership with a concentration in Pastoral Care to Women from Western Seminary. She is passionate about the discipleship of women, prayer, and evangelism. In her spare time, Cynthia enjoys reading, writing, being outdoors, drinking Kenyan chai, and doing anything and everything with her wonderful friends.You can find Cynthia on Twitter @cnmathai and on Instagram as @cynthia_mathai

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Amelie Stoyer

Amelie Stoyer, Editor at The Verity Fellowship, is a sports enthusiast who enjoys anything that keeps her active. She particularly enjoys swimming and playing soccer and also instructs Zumba. Amelie’s desire to lead women’s Bible study groups drew her to a Verity Fellowship event. Amelie and her husband also enjoy hosting various ministries in their home in Corvallis. Few things delight her more than seeing women grow in their understanding of and love for Jesus. She is involved in the women’s ministry at Suburban Christian Church. 

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Jennell Marks

Jennell Marks, Events Director at The Verity Fellowship, actively teaches and disciples women at Northeast Baptist Church. She also writes the curriculum for the children’s ministry for the church. Jennell and her husband Nick have been married for 11 years and have four wonderful children, ranging in age from two-years-old to 10-years-old, one of whom she homeschools. Jennell was drawn to Verity Fellowship’s mission of equipping women to use the Scriptures well by offering various training opportunities at an affordable cost. When this wonder-woman wishes to destress, she prefers running and baking – but not at the same time. She is quick to point out that her baking does not follow recipes as she finds great joy in experimenting. Her experiments, for those who are wondering, turn out delicious. You can find Jennell on Instagram as @jennellmarks 


Kelly Sauter

In addition to serving as Verity’s Digital Media Designer, Kelly Sauter, also serves as the Women’s Bible Study Coordinator for Hinson Baptist Church. Kelly has been teaching Bible studies for eight years and helping to writing study guides for two of those eight years. She loves seeing women build the confidence to study the Word for themselves. Kelly, with her husband Ryan of 20 years and two children - both of whom have special needs - lives in Vancouver, WA. Kelly, also known as Supermom, homeschools her kids.

Kelly has been attending and volunteering at Verity events from the very beginning. She appreciates Verity’s commitment to sound training for women in handling God's word rightly in all contexts, as well as the desire to make this training affordable and accessible to women who might not otherwise have the resources to pursue formal training. In her down time, Kelly enjoys photography, knitting, and admits to being a Marvel nerd!

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Lindsey Ponder

Lindsey was our fresh-breath giving, tender-heart offering, step-in-to-save-the-day friend at Moody Bible Institute, where she's one year away from her bachelor's in communications and works as a teaching assistant for homiletics. Her love for Jesus and people is infectious. She works with publications for the Verity Fellowship. 

When she's not busy with Verity tasks, Lindsey coordinates social media for Crossroads Community Church in Vancouver, Washington, and she spends as much time as possible hiking and exploring the Oregon coast. She thinks Pacific Northwest coffee trumps everything else, but she is enjoying her (temporary) stint in the Midwest nonetheless. Lindsey welcomes your emails at, and you can follow her on Instagram @lindseyr3nee.