Discipleship that Rests on the Gospel

When someone believes the gospel of grace, nothing is the same. The Holy Spirit teaches you, and you are transformed. You face all things with new eyes and new hearts. Yet as you carry on in life it is easy to forget the implications of the gospel that has changed you. You need to remember the gospel and how it affects everything you face. And that is exactly what the people you disciple need as well. To powerfully disciple others, we must root what we teach them in the gospel, because each person needs Jesus’ grace to apply to her situation. Taught by Taylor Turkington at Verity Conference 2015. Visit our website for the handout.

Writing and Picking Bible Studies

Writing or choosing the perfect Bible study material for your particular ministry can be challenging. You want to write a Bible study for the women under your care but don’t know where to start. You need to pick the right Bible study for your small group but feel overwhelmed with endless options. This interactive workshop is designed to simplify the process of writing and/or picking Bible study material. Grasp the greatest need of every woman in your ministry and see how that need is the interpretative grid for all other Bible study needs. Learn basic steps to follow as you write or pick a Bible study so you don’t lose precious time starting from scratch with each new study. Leave empowered to write or select Christ-centered curriculum for your specific ministry! Taught by Whitney Woollard at Verity Forum 2016. Visit our website for handouts.

Power, Purpose, and Practicality of Bible Study

Bible studies take work-organizing, facilitating, praying. Sometimes it’s sweat and tears poured out for the people who attend. And if we don’t have a big vision for what Bible studies do, we can become worn out and ready to be done. Moreover, if we do this poorly, people can walk away with the idea that not only are we unintelligible and irrelevant, but God is as well.   But the reality is that Bible studies are important. They are transformative. They are the places where God’s people use their gifts, engage with each other, and meet with God Himself.  So, let’s do this. (Read in Home Depot “let’s do this” voice.) Let’s talk about why we gather. Let’s talk about the doctrine that motivates our studies. Let’s talk about the nitty gritty of how we do it and do it well. Let’s remember the significance of Bible studies, so we are encouraged to continue in this worthy task. Taught by Taylor Turkington at Verity Forum 2016. Visit our website for the handout.

Grasping the Genre of Your Text

The Bible is a work of literary brilliance best understood when the multi-faceted nature of its genres is fully appreciated. As you learn to identify and read these different genres you will comprehend the whole biblical message in a more accurate and transformative way. This workshop is designed to teach you how to do just that! Outline the literary genres of the biblical books and discover how to read each one according to its unique style. Learn how to avoid interpretative pitfalls and common misconceptions with simple instruction on genre. Leave equipped to better grasp the meaning of Scripture and apply it correctly in a meaningful way. This practical, hands-on workshop is for any one who desires to clearly understand the Bible by grasping the genres of each text. Taught by Whitney Woollard at Verity Forum 2016, for the handouts visit our website at VerityFellowship.org and select Events.

What is Greatness in the Kingdom?

Who is considered great in our society? How is greatness identified? In the kingdom of God greatness looks differently than in the world. Jesus teaches us in Luke 22:24-27 that true greatness looks like service. The greats are those who bend down and lower themselves, for true leaders look like Jesus. Teaching by Taylor Turkington at Verity Forum 2016.

Discipleship is Intentional Directed Relationship

Jesus says, "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men." (Matthew 4:19) Jesus modeled a relational discipleship process that had a purpose, a destination, and a goal! He challenges his disciples to do the same, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” (Matthew 28:19-10). Everything?  Really!?!  How do we teach those we are discipling to grow up in their faith and in turn disciple others. In this workshop we will build a discipleship framework that can be a guiding tool in your discipleship of others at every stage of development. Taught by Shana Powell at Verity Forum 2016. For the handouts, go to www.verityfellowship.org/events and select Verity Forum 2016

Getting the Gospel

Let's unpack the actual content of the gospel in order to bring clarity and precision to its powerful message. Let's be able to state it succinctly and clearly. For, the gospel gives both the grace that anchors our faith and the grace to powerfully transform us as we walk. Having a firm grip on this truth will guide you as you minister the gospel to yourself and others. Hear anew the good news of what Jesus Christ has done – it really is the A-Z of the Christian life. Taught by Keri Seavey at Verity Forum 2016. Visit our website under Events for the handouts.

Thoughts on Discipling Women

If there has ever been a need for women in the Kingdom of God to rise up and take their place as disciple-makers, the time is now. But how? How do we tangible move beyond ourselves to a place where we are genuinely and joyfully investing in the lives of other women? Bethany Allen explains and challenges at Verity Forum 2016.

Understanding Redemptive History

The Bible is one, cohesive story about God's redemption of his people through the work of Christ. This workshop by Whitney Woollard will explain the concept of redemptive history, show how the Bible fits together, and enable you to begin to apply these concepts to your teaching.