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Power, Purpose, and Practicality of Bible Study

Bible studies take work-organizing, facilitating, praying. Sometimes it’s sweat and tears poured out for the people who attend. And if we don’t have a big vision for what Bible studies do, we can become worn out and ready to be done. Moreover, if we do this poorly, people can walk away with the idea that not only are we unintelligible and irrelevant, but God is as well.   But the reality is that Bible studies are important. They are transformative. They are the places where God’s people use their gifts, engage with each other, and meet with God Himself.  So, let’s do this. (Read in Home Depot “let’s do this” voice.) Let’s talk about why we gather. Let’s talk about the doctrine that motivates our studies. Let’s talk about the nitty gritty of how we do it and do it well. Let’s remember the significance of Bible studies, so we are encouraged to continue in this worthy task. Taught by Taylor Turkington at Verity Forum 2016. Visit our website for the handout.